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We value your time being on this website, and so we wanted to ensure you find information that is more relevant to your needs sooner. We are inspired by your goals and are excited to be part of your marathon to success. 

What is Examray?

A complete end to end self-service solution for individuals, schools, institution, Professional trainers & Corporates to conduct exams online for their students, trainees and employees. With exam ray you can now give your end users a rich online exam experience.

Value Add

You do not need any developer or a designer to create exams for you. This software as a solution has been designed for users of all kinds with or without prior computer knowledge. With Examray wizard based assessment creation model any user with basic knowledge in how to use computer can create exams easily.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate engineers with a motive to add value to education community has come up with this "Honest Idea" of enabling individuals, schools, institution, Professional trainers & Corporates to go digital in conducting exams at a low cost.

Examray is a Hyderabad based entity. In leu of Pandemic, we are operating from homes and are being adapting to new normal. Very soon we will be getting back to our offices in the same location Hyderabad, Telangana.

Yes! We are a Start-up

Examray is a start up company, and we call our product Examray as an "Honest Solution" where our intent is to create more value at lesser cost. Most importantly creating rich online exam experience for students, trainees & employees.

Please join us in this exciting journey where we together achieve greater results in adding value to the learning community.

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